TJ’S Racing Pool

2024 Official Rules

Entry Fee: The cost for the year is $25 per team; entries and full payment for each team is due by 2/18/24.  Unpaid teams are not eligible for prizes.  Official race pool standings are usually posted at the race pool's website the same day as official Nascar race results are released, Monday evenings is the norm.

Choosing Your Team:  Pick one driver from each of the 9 groups.  Your team points is the total of what your 9 drivers earn for races 1-36, based on NASCAR'S official race results. Points awarded for the duels do not count towards your total, also because Nascar does not award stage points to the final 4 drivers in the playoffs, for fairness the Racepool will not award stage points to ANY driver for the final race.  If your driver earns no points for any reason your team will also earn no points for that driver.  I try to only use full time drivers in the pool based on available information when the groups are released, however it is the players responsibility to verify the ride status of each driver prior to the start of the season.  While last minute changes are discouraged, changes can be made to your team at no cost prior to green flag of the Daytona 500.  Once the race starts the season has officially begun and teams are locked.

Penalties:  If Nascar penalizes a driver(s) by taking championship points away, all teams with that driver(s) will be penalized the same. Penalties are applied to your championship total, not your weekly points.  The only time your weekly points would change is if Nascar disqualifies a driver for a race and their finish position has changed.  Any point's penalties overturned by appeal will be returned to all teams that had that driver at the time of the penalty and still have that driver at the time of appeal.

Prizes:  There will be a weekly prize awarded to the ‘hot team of the week’, and approximately 30-40 positions at the end of the season.  Prize amounts and number of prizes awarded will be determined by the number of entries submitted.  If there are any ties for awarded positions the prizes will be combined and divided between the tied teams.

Free Swaps:  Each team is eligible to make 2 free swaps for the season.  Your free swaps can be made at any time after the start of the Daytona 500 and up to the start of race #36.  All replacement drivers need to come from the same group as the driver you’re getting rid of.  If your swap request is accepted it will go in at the next available race.  When a swap is made only the drivers are swapped, not the points.  What your new driver earns after the swap is made will be added to what your old driver had at the time of the swap. Swaps and any race pool inquiries should be made via email only.  If you're on the mailing list and are not receiving any emails from the race pool check your spam folder, I get tagged as spam quite often.  If found in spam folder you should be able to tag the race pool emails as "not spam", you should then receive race pool emails normally after that.

Inactive Driver:  If your driver isn't earning any points for any reason you have the option to use any free swaps you may have remaining or wait until the driver has been declared inactive.  Drivers will be declared inactive once they have not earned any points for 3 consecutive races.**  Once declared inactive the driver is eligible to be swapped for the next available race.  The driver remains inactive until that driver earn points.  To see if your driver has been declared inactive I keep track of points earned for each race here--->>>  Any inactive swaps do not count towards your 2 free swaps.

** In the unfortunate event  that we have a death of a driver, the Racing Pool will immediatly declare that driver inactive.  This is the ONLY scenerio the Race Pool will  waive the 3 race requirement to be declared inactive.

Confused?  The FAQ page at the website covers many of the common questions that come up every year, if you can't find your answer there you can shoot me an email.

Mail Entries To:  Tim Jackson 84 Pit Road Oxford, Maine 04270